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Why Learn English?

English is the international language.  Learning real English will open so many doors to new adventures and opportunities.  Not only will English lessons and tests in regular school be much easier to handle, you will be able to actually speak English!  That means more friends, more adventures, more job opportunities, and that feeling of security.

英语是门国际语言。 学习真正的英语将打开很多冒险与机会之门。 不仅让学校的英语课和测试变得简单,你还能够实际上运用英语 ! 这意味着你将拥有更多的朋友,更多的冒险,更多的就业机会和那种安全的感觉。

Why A+ English?


Learning English at A+ English is fun and effective.  Gone are boring old textbooks.  We use interactive technology, songs, and games to teach English dialogues and promote healthy self-confidence and a positive life attitude.  GENKI ENGLISH forms the core of our curriculum.  GENKI ENGLISH was created by Richard Graham, an assistant English language teacher in Japan.  Richard hated school when he was young and when teaching English discovered that kids were bored.  So, he created GENKI ENGLISH!

在A+学英语是有趣的和有效的。摒弃无聊的旧课本。我们使用交互式教学方法、歌曲和游戏来教英语对话,促进孩子健康自信,并拥有积极的生活态度。GENKI英语是我们教学上的核心课程。GENKI英语是由来自英国的理查德·格雷姆老师在日本多年教学经验积累所创作。理查德孩时讨厌上学,当他发现教英语很枯燥时,他下苦心创造了GENKI英语!(理查德曾经上过Ted Talk演讲,并受到美国哈佛大学语言研究中心的支持与好评)

GENKI means energetic, fun, exciting, active.  GENKI ENGLISH uses catchy songs that will stick in your head all day and night.  You will be reviewing English without even thinking about it!  An active game with students actually using the English reinforces and practices the new language.  Songs and games and you will leave class each day excited for more English and actually KNOWING new English!  But, GENKI ENGLISH also promotes positive self-confidence and self-development.  Not only will you know English, you will also be confident and happy.


A+ English offers a fun, active, and loving environment to learn English and promote a healthy personality.  Linda and Martin will treat you as one of the family.  We hope you seize the day and join us at A+ English to learn English, expand your horizons, and become kind and confident members of the world!



- Charles 妈妈

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